Connecting the Dots - Proactive Decision Making in the Next Decade
  Pradeep Vaswani   Pradeep Vaswani
Lead Information Architect


Level:  Business/Strategic

In the next decade, with the advent of instrumented sensors and mobile devices, decision making based on routine monitoring or product guides will be made obsolete. Increasingly, businesses will be making decisions based on predictive models and embedding these into operations to gain efficiency.
  • Instrumentation and mobile connected devices are proliferating.
  • Large amounts of data is being collected.
  • But, wasted without being put to use.
  • Predictive models based on algorithms and hypotheses will drive decision making.
Tags, sensors, mobile devices are being implemented at a large scale across the enterprise. From sensors to measure temperature and flow rate to devices to record equipment usage, this data is being captured at the point of occurrence - but the data is not turned into knowledge to make efficient decision making.

Should you change the well pipe because the product specification says 3 years or should you change it because 15% of the time, these pipes fail at 30 months with these environment conditions? How does temperature and pressure affect corrosion in the equipment? What product specifications meet my corrosion models and limits?

In the Upstream energy industry, we are waking up to the new reality and this presentation will show the use cases and architecture on how various tools and technologies enable the business to make smarter decisions - using the power of data at their fingertips.

Pradeep Vaswani is a Lead Information &Integration Architect within the Upstream division of BP, based in Houston, TX. He has over 15 years of experience working across the Information Architecture space from Data modeling/design to Integration and Business Intelligence/Analytics. He has broad information management experience, leading corporate IT, information strategy, business transformation, enterprise architecture, application development, IT infrastructure management, and global outsourcing.

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