Speeding Up Back-Office Processes Through Agile Web & Data Virtualization
  David Garcia   David Garcia
Head of IT Projects and Development
Phone House


Level:  Business/Strategic

The Phone House, the largest independent telecom retailer in Europe, faced challenges with integrating external operational systems from vendors such as Vodafone and Orange, together with internal invoicing and order management systems.

Challenges in integrating disparate operational data and delivering information in a timely manner led to delays in back-end operations such as order handling, customer activation, and commission management. This impacted the business as it resulted in long in-store wait times for customers, multiple visits and missed revenue.

So, Phone House used a data virtualization platform to enable unified access to disparate internal sources, such as databases, applications and spreadsheets, as well as external web and cloud sources. The platform also automated the synchronization of the multiple operational systems so employees had access to the most current data and were able to carry out transactions efficiently and accurately.

Computer science engineer, currently taking care of the IT Projects and Development department at The Phone House Spain, involving Technical tasks as Architecture, Integration and Technical Design and Management tasks as Project Delivery and Business Change management. More than 13 years working on the IT environment, now focus on the Retail Business.

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